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Leaders aren’t born, they are made. We aim to cultivate market
leadership from inside out.

Who We Are

Corporate Infocom Private Limited is a cutting edge company in Delhi which, although it was established in the year 2007, got a complete makeover in 2015. The company was revamped with a ruminative motive to amalgamate human resources and technology. Aspiring to escalate the strength of our nation’s youth, CIPL has been providing numerous unique learning programs and methodologies for our youth to amend their skillset and become budding entrepreneurs. We strive for the betterment of employability statistics in India by bridging the difference between education and industry requirements through our distinctive learning opportunities. We have continued to progress in such a way that we are on the verge of becoming the leading information technology organization, dealing with web products and services. As a team working strategically, CIPL has built a robust, global network of distributors, that have increased year after year and has continued to augment the lives of everyone, who has been a part of it and those who believe in its services.

Our Operations

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We provide enhanced visibility to business of our users for them to promote their products and services.

Our users enjoy effortlessness in accessing products and services from across the globe.

Our users enjoy unlimited support system under the period of package of products.

Our user friendly products are highly valued by our users.

We proffer tailor-made web-hosting plans as per the requirements of our users.

We cover all the parameters that are necessary for brand credibility.

We bestow our users with a one-stop destination for all of their requirements. We work diligently towards becoming the most trusted brand in India for web products and services to connect with buyers and sellers. We yearn to come up with relevant initiatives time after time. We are grateful of all our users and well-wishers for supporting us. We are hopeful to receive the same appreciation and support in the future as well.


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We are committed to satisfy our users and clients. We are fueled by the amazing experiences our users share with us, and by those who buy our products and services. Taking into account the competitive market, we creatively maneuver the products and services in a way that satisfies the requirements of our clients. We have remained focus in bestowing technology in the most convenient manner possible. This has been one of our biggest selling points as to why our users and clients have sticked with us. We are always updating ourselves with fresh ideas. The company greets enthusiastic establishments and human resource with the shrewdness to collaborate in different sectors. We embrace the statement that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Through continuous hard work and flexibility to welcome new ideas belonging to different industries, we have been successful to furthen ourselves in multiple distinctive sectors. At Corporate Infocom Private Limited, all of our efforts are directed towards providing technology at an economical cost. So that our users and clients never have to worry about the plausibility of their ambitions.


CIPL provides legitimate reasons for you to consider our services for all of your business related problems

Dynamic Approach

We regularly communicate with our clients about their experiences and expectations. It motivates us to bring enhanced user experiences.

Rationalized Technology

We rationalise technology for effortless operations and work on numerous inventive features to improve user experience and amend our services.

Customized Products

We proffer web templates, online educational courses, Mobile Applications, customisation websites, website base, web space, and domain names.

Marketing & Retail Support

We have witnessed growth to an unexpected level. We welcome referrals for promoting our business, allowing our users and clients to earn commissions.

Our focus lies in understanding this world and making it a gleeful place through the best utilization of its resources.
Since the very beginning, CIPL has adhered to its vision and mission. These are the grounds on which the company is committed to operate stringently.

  • To provide cutting edge technology to our users and clients in the most rationalized way possible.
  • To help our users live a life of economic independence on their own grounds.
  • To make people financially liberated.
  • To become the leading company in India that provides technology in the most affordable manner possible.
  • To expand our everywhere across the globe and become the paradigm in information technology.
  • To educate people by providing inexpensive it education and help them in growing their startup.

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