The only thing worse than starting something and failing is not starting something.

While technological advancements are paramount, right skills continue to stand at the forefront of any business operation. However, our experts witnessed that there is a significant gap between what the business realm requires in terms of knowledge and what educational system is providing. Identifying the critical need to bridge this gap, we set up a team that collectively worked towards finding viable solutions to this impending problem. This saw the inception of our projects that aimed at providing comprehensive and practical knowledge to aspiring individuals while catering to the needs of the market.

The new digitalization vision of India and associated facts with it served as a primary motivational factor for us. It prompted us to contribute to digital India, skill India, start up India, or better India by rendering the requirements skills that are required to facilitate the growth of the country. We, at CIPL, envision to create an extensive ecosystem where we provide consultation and training to provide individuals with endless career opportunities and helping them boost their future prospects.

Start your own blog and become a Soloprenuer

We train creative minds to become their own boss by starting their blog and sharing their wonderful ideas and skills with the world.

Be an Affiliate marketer
and distributor

Sales and marketing is an art that requires interpersonal skills. At CIPL, we train aspiring marketers and distributors to inculcate the right skills to establish a successful career.

Boost Your Idea
With Us

We train creative minds to become their own boss by starting their blog and sharing their wonderful ideas and skills with the world.

Join our hands and be
our partner

With a staunch team of experienced trainers, we help you imbibe the right skills to be successful in this highly competitive market. Be a part of CIPL and let us help you pave the way for a brighter and better future.

Be a Market

Marketing world continues to evolve and to sustain yourself in the ever-evolving domain, you need to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Our training programs reinforce your basic marketing knowledge and help you become an agile marketer.

Be a Speaker and

Motivation is an imperative source that fuels people’s soul to work harder. Our programs help you get the right communication and people skills and boost your confidence that will help you become a speaker who encourages people to do more.

At CIPL, the three E’s form the bedrock of our extensive ecosystem.

Educate: Knowledge indeed is power. Therefore, our experienced trainers provide an array of educational programs that build relevant skills include marketing skills, motivation skills, stage skills, public speaking skills, etc..


Execute: Merely having the right idea or knowledge is not adequate, you also need to timely execute it as well. Therefore, we have built a strong team of committed professionals who impart the relevant training program in a timely manner


Empower: Empowering a skilled mind can open doors for new opportunities. We extend various initiatives in order to empower skilled minds and help them become successful.


Despite being a part of globalization, India still lags behind when it comes to jobs and career opportunities. Entrepreneurship can contribute to our nation’s growth and make a global footing. While people are running to work with conglomerates, there are only a handful of visionaries who attempt to start their own business. Our aim is to encourage people to stand apart from the crowd and leverage their skills to be their own bosses. With our wide range of training programs, we envision to create diverse career opportunities that will shape the country’s future.

Our team put constant effort into assessing the market and its need. Consecutively, we establish training programs to cater to the requirements. By empowering minds, we aim to provide equal opportunities for individuals to grow and become successful in their respective professions. From the outset, we guide aspiring minds to think out of the box and bring the much-needed change in society. So join our hands today and let’s pave the way for a better and brighter future in this country.

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